Friday, February 17, 2012

First Blog

I've been meaning to start blogging, it's the simplest way for me to get some of my feelings and thoughts out, besides it is one way to let people "in". I try so hard to conform to the image that has been built for me and I try to be careful so I don't let people take advantage of me or get inside of my heart and head. Sometimes I have a hard time because of how intimate and close I am with my clients, its hard not to get feelings or be involved. So I updated my escort site and now am which makes me feel so very proud because I am really focused and doing my damn thing.

Just had my first client, he's a regular of mine. My definition of a regular is somebody I have seen more than once. I should have different levels or regulars though because there are some clients I see a couple times a month, then there's some clients I saw once a year ago.