Sunday, March 25, 2012

Can't mix business and pleasure

Okay finally I can truthfully say I understand the meaning of not mixing business with pleasure as per my industry. I truly went around thinking that was absolute bullshit and whoever said that obviously was never in the Sex Industry. If they were, then they were dumb and not doing it right! As per "sexual" pleasure and business mixing, of course it makes sense in this industry. But as far as the client and provider relationship, it's not terrible to somewhat mix business and pleasure, after all that is what they are paying you for, it's your business to provide them with pleasure :-)

It definitely took me a little bit of time to understand what the "girlfriend experience" was all about. I am definitely trying harder to tailor myself to fit that fantasy and learning how to really fullfill a man's needs on a pampering "experience" type of level. Say after an appointment at my home, should I be opposed to walking around with my client afterwards with my dogs, or grabbing a bite to eat? I understand how being "too" personal with a client could complicate things for both people- after all a provider's illusion of false closeness while maintaining absolutely no ties- is all part of the appeal! Clients don't want somebody that they go home thinking about as far as on a personal level on a regular basis, or that can tend to complicate things.

I recently learned that after getting very close with a client, maybe mixing business and pleasure can complicate things. After about 4 months of "weekly" sessions, we ended up sharing a little time outside of our sessions together, and keeping tabs on one anothers personal lives, and developing quite a relationship. Things continued like that for a couple of months until I ended up introducing him to some personal aspects of my life, after which he ended up stopping our sessions. It took me a little bit to grasp all of that, because I thought the better you get to know somebody the more fun you can really have together. Well that's not neccessarily the case, because when you have an emotional bond with somebody, it's hard to sit there and just have plain sex, you end up bringing the passion and everything else into it, which can really lead to complications between our friendship and or business relationship as well. At the end of the day, I helped him out with some of his frustrations by showing him around the strip club and talking to some great ladies about him. I'd much rather gain a true friend than a client in the long run. Obviously I understand that this is not ideal and is definitely not the rule, but the exception, which makes total and complete sense to me but I am definitely very much richer a person with him as a friend than as a client. A true friend is very valuable, so long as they know how to be a friend. Which leads me into my final point.

Mixing friends and business sounds and seems very ideal. I have extended my business relationship with a girl I work with into "friendship" which I thought would allow us to have an even better business relationship, but I learned a bit of a lesson in that. I tended to be emotional about business things because she was a friend and was taking things personal. When you're working as a "team" there shouldn't be an I, so two people need to be on the same page. It's best to take the friendship aspect away from the business aspect and cut off feelings. If only there was a switch. I ended up being upset and feeling betrayed when I was helping out "our business" but not getting support I asked for on a personal level. Which really tends to complicate things. So I thought to myself what would the ideal doubles partner be for me? Somebody who is motivated to make appointments with me, that I trust, and can have fun with

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