Monday, March 26, 2012

The value seeker.

So I can't help but to share this email with my blog readers. Yes I am in a very lucrative business, yes I am very very fortunate, yes I am in a position to make alot of people very happy (or very unhappy) and I try my hardest to please everybody involved, especially myself. But in the course of all the flowers and sunshine of being a provider, there are the occasional jerks who seem to make the sunshine seem hidden behind big huge dark clouds for what seems to be eternity.

"your $100 special, is that an hour?"-john"
"Hey sweetie sorry but my hour rate is $200
However the quick visit rate is $100 on special today
Half an hour is $150"-me
"why advertise as no ripe off special 100 then  talk about 100 for a couple of minute fuck that is a ripe off   lol"- john
"People enjoy my $100 quick visit special so if you enjoy a longer
session, you can pay for it of find another provider that's in your
price range. Oh and the word your looking for is "rip" "ripe- is like a cantelope
or watermelon being ripe enough to eat" to RIP like to tear, or to rip
somebody off is spelled without an e."- me
"just do not run an posting acting like a great deal when it is just standard pricing  BS  bye"-john

So in the midst of my typical email checking I get to go back and forth with this well educated man. I started thinking about the term "special" and what value really means to the client. How can I really show my appreciation to my "regulars" and offer "specials" when it is just the industry average? If I chose to lower my price or add in extra time for a client, does that then become the norm? Because I have one client I did that to and he still pays me $135 each time. Which I am too nice to say anything. 

So this morning my nice ass learned a lesson. I typically just keep the money a client leaves on the table or counter in plain sight of both of us until after the session or when he's in the bathroom (if a new client- when i count it) well I am changing that policy. Don't you know this morning my client left me $115 for half an hour instead of $150. I genuinely believe he misheard my rate, it's a very common and understandable mix up. However I wasn't sure how I was supposed to handle it, so I barely did! I texted him and told him about the confusion, and mentioned that since it was less than half an hour that he stayed we could chalk it up as a quick visit, with tip, but for next time, if he expects the same service and duration, he will have to pay the $150. He assured me he'd make it up to me, which I assured him wasn't neccesary, but it really got me thinking. A client of mine could definitely come in and short change me knowing that I don't count the money until the end. 

At the end of the day I am offering a service. No matter how much I nor my client may enjoy that service, it still needs to have a mutual contract that says what the payment will be in exchange for what services. There is no question what services I offer, especially when somebody looks over the reviews and information that I provide on my website for everybody to see. So there should be no question as to if I am going to actually get the agreed upon price. So even though I think I'm being polite by not checking the amount of money left on the table, I'm really just being stupid, because everybody knows what the deal is at the end of the day.

Either way...i'm still horny and working and yes just a little fired up! So don't fuck with me!

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