Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bitten by the travel bug

I've been in Cincinatti since Sunday night. Left Philadelphia airport around 340 and had delayed flights, but better late than never for sure! I really just love traveling, and always have, and every thing about it gave me a bit of a rush. From packing and driving to the airport, getting my travel arrangements in order, and even the flight. Now once I landed I was exhausted and even more so once I had to drive two hours to the freaking hotel- but once I landed in my comfortable bed here at the 5 star hotel I checked into- I just melted into the bed.

So onto Monday morning- I posted my ads and waited. Waited some more. I ended up with some calls, and was able to make my "quota" for the day....barely scraping by but I got my "vouches" for this one board I'm using now called - INDY's- which I truly am starting to love. There's alot going on there and even though people in Delaware really don't use it, I think it's sort of popular throughout the country. I'm sure there must be more boards out there like this but anyway- I got to see somebody who vouched me and since that's happened it seems like more people from that site are taking a chance on me. I'm waiting for the moderator to approve my fully vouched status so things can really take off for my last day and a half here in Cincinatti. Unfortunately my plane leaves at 655 pm Friday night and I won't be touching down back home until Midnight.

I miss my dogs a bunch, but I think that I am probably going to try to travel with them later. I hope to pick another destination (i'm thinking PITTSBURGH!!- INDY's is big there) and go there mid-may. I have alot to tackle when I get back, moving, and tons of shopping for my new place. Yes I am so happy to finally get to do some freaking shopping!! Woooohoooo!! Just hope the rest of my furniture money ends up coming through so I can get my little home in order once I sign the lease!!!

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