Sunday, April 15, 2012


I first got into this business because it just made sense. I was newly single, needed to make up for some lost time in being in relationships because that's what I had done all my life. So that, my nympho like sex drive, mixed with my financial crisis, and the end of the naked cleaning business that I used to work for. I didn't know what I was getting myself into and just ended up meeting my needs. I had no idea what my plans were for working.

So fast forward to December and I decided that fuck meeting my needs, I am a relationship person. I need to set up stability for myself. Which is what I was trying to do while I was going to school in the first place. I decided I would take some time off from school and try to travel as I have researched other girls do. Somehow I ended up just getting complacent in my situation and not traveling, getting caught up in the daily bullshit that all of us face outside of our safety net of work. Even our playtime isn't really sacred as somehow people always end up getting themselves into a trap of somebody that distracts them or ends up being a pain in the ass and needing something. I love my friends to death but truly some of them are more drama then what they are really worth.

So I have thought long and hard and it's time to get the fuck out of my home state sorta. I'm going to try and kick things up a notch and travel every other week if I can keep up with that. It's sort of a gamble when you don't have people prebook and all your doing is going off of other girls words that have absolutely no credibility to you. Also you just sort of hope and believe that your reputation ends up preceding you, and you can make sure that you advertise on all of the appropriate sites and put yourself out there to the right people. I've had people message me on a couple boards I was trying to advertise on for my upcoming trip, and tell me that I really should travel across the river and stay over in Kentucky. Just the sound of that is scary to be honest! But I really should probably listen to the veterans and just bite the bullet and do what makes sense and will make me the most money (hopefully). My last trip was a complete and total bust. I am kind of new to this part of the business but I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on the other parts of the industry. So hopefully this will all fall into place.

Either way I am leaving for business next Sunday so I have 7 days to prepare and advertise and try to prebook and make my decision on where I will end up staying and such. I have some other things to get into order for my trip but I'll make sure everything ends up falling into place I'm sure. Oh yea on top of all that shit, my current lease expires the day I will getting back from my travels! I think I can extend it another week or two though, then I will have to bite the bullet and furnish my new home. It'll be an excellent feeling knowing that everything inside of there is something I picked out and not compromising or living in somebody else's home. I've always ended up having an excellent feeling of home no matter where I lived, which is surprising considering some of the previous homes I've had.

I am very very complacent with my current choice in home and just hope that all falls into place when I need it to. I am kind of pushing things to the limit, but I find that I do best under pressure. I'm sure a lot of other women in this business are the same way. We kind of get off on the rush and the power and feeling of accomplishment that kind of come along with what we are doing. It's the rush and all of the other stuff that comes along with it that we kind of get off on (besides all the other stuff we end up getting off on!!!)

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