Friday, May 26, 2017

Your Travel Companion

I have always loved traveling and being in the biz and now that I have been in the business for awhile I feel I have worked out a good system and groove for what works for me. I am getting ready to have 13 blissfully restful and quiet days off- it's been quite a stretch that I have been on my grind. I have had an ocassional work day skipped. But some weeks I put in 5 days, while others I put in just one or two. However working a 5 day work week for most of you is tiring, the travel and the time away from my home and happy place is and can be quite draining so I definitely need these breaks every so often.

 I have been thinking about relaxing my tour schedule but I believe that that will not be happening until sometime in September or October. I right now have a few financial things I am working on like buying out my car when the lease ends plus some medical expenses that are coming up on the horizon. I absolutely adore traveling to new places and just traveling in general. Since I no longer live in a city being able to spend time and one is so rewarding and really lets me live that somewhat split lifestyle that I have come to crave. I told my family after San Francisco I was going to only travel by plane somewhere once every 6 to 8 weeks and again I am planning on two flights somewhere in July and at least one in August. I think having trouble on the horizon is super important for me because it gives me things to look forward to and work towards. Getting to experience the way different gentleman behave in different areas has been quite interesting.

If you haven't seen me in your city please contact me with your interest. You can sponsor my trip or fly me to you for your pleasure alone. I will fly up to 2 hours nonstop for a 6 hour date, up to 4.5 for an overnight.

Sponsoring my trip is as simple as making a deposit to show your absolute interest; for a minimum of 3 hours total meeting during my trip. Once I am positive it will be worth my while financially to go out there I will be in touch with deposit details. You can see me every morning on your way to work; for a dinner date when I arrive or however you please. This is more for areas that are close to Philadelphia area. Within about six to eight  hours of driving. to book our time.